Rename HIV

Renaming HIV will help end the HIV epidemic. The virus’s name has become a stigmatizing symbol, carrying the weight of years of fear, ignorance, and discrimination. It’s time for a new conversation. 

How it works

Here, you can suggest new names for HIV or vote on community favorites until March 24th. After that, we’ll present the most popular new names to the World Health Organization (WHO). They will review the shortlist and announce a new name for HIV at the World AIDS Conference in Brisbane, Australia.  

Guidelines WHO:

For a new name to be selected it must be appropriate. Any derogatory or otherwise harmful names will not be considered.   

As outlined by the WHO guidelines, a disease’s name should be simple, descriptive and avoid any negative impact. Names should also be kept to a minimum length and made as simple to pronounce as possible. A disease with a long name should have a thought-out acronym, as that is what it will most likely be referred to in everyday conversation.  

A complete list of the WHO guidelines can be found here.  Add your name to show your support. To go a step further, download the open letter, sign it, and share it online. 



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Support the Open Letter

Read it. Sign it. Share it. 

Our open letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, calls for a new name for HIV. Show your support by sharing and signing the letter.